Vision and Mission


Winooski Mutual Aid envisions a collective community where we work with each other, not for each other to reduce barriers for our collective liberation. We stand in the long tradition of mutual aid organizations which have worked for the flourishing of all of us no matter our race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship status and other identities. 


We are working towards solidarity not charity.


Winooski Mutual Aid (WMA) aims to bridge the gaps that established systems have left, and to make sure everyone in Winooski has the access to the resources they need. 


  • As a community, we have the resources and wealth to ensure that every person is thriving.  We believe in wealth redistribution and that through sharing skills, hobbies, passions, joys, trades, and resources we are a healthier community. 

  • We believe in building relationships through fostering solidarity among one another.