Request Support 
मलाई तपाईं बाट मद्दत चाहिन्छ
We are a Winooski specific group and are only able to help you if you live in Winooski. Please provide your address so we can meet you with items or financial support.

If you live outside of Winooski, visit our "Resources" page for other support, or ask us to help connect you.


We are all volunteers, and we answer requests in the order they are received as soon as we can. We prioritize first time requests.  

*We typically do not wire money, and are happy to deliver a check, gift card, food, or other requested items directly to your Winooski home.

Thanks for reaching out! / धन्यवाद

Winooski mural design by: @artsowonderful, Elizabeth Emmett (downtown Winooski)